PACKING Camino shell patch for your backpack (or where ever you want it…)

Are you dreaming about the camino all the time – like we do? Then this camino shell patch might be just what you need. Use it on your backpack or on trekking pants to add a bit of camino there, your tilley hat, packing bags, jacket sleeve – any where is good where

* This article contains an add link to where we sell the Camino de Santiago patches that we have fashioned.

These camino shell badges are created by two pilgrims hopelessly in love with the camino life…

Choose between these colours:

  • Black
  • Indigo blue
  • Pale blue
  • Brownish green
  • Red

We sell our camino shell patches through our Etsy shop

How to sew on a patch without getting really annoyed?

The camino shell patch has an iron-on-back and if you want, you can start by ironing it on. However, learnt by doing, it won’t last your whole camino!

So we recommend you follow our sew-on-guide for dummies or #askmom or #askascout

  • Place to the patch somewhere that allows you to reach the back of the material
  • Choose a sewing thread that matches the background colour of the patch – not the edge colour.
  • Fasten the patch at the top with a single stitch right between the edge and the background area. Tie a knot.
  • Adjust and turn the patch until you have it where you want it.
  • Now start sewing the patch right on the border between the edge and the background colour. The knot at the top will ensure that the patch does not move around while you are sewing.
  • Sew with up and down stitches. This will look much better than if your try circular stitches.
  • Congrats!!! You did it!!

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