TEST Macabi trekking skirt

Is it possible to trek in a Macabi skirt? Check out this test of Macabi skirt for trekking

My Macabi skirt is without comparison my favorite item in my camino “closet”. So many pilgrims ask me about my experiences so I decided to share my Macabi trekking skirt experiences in this small test.

The material: Super lightweight and fast drying

Macabi Travel Skirt is made of super lightweight nylon. It is rather water repellent and dries faster than bullit. The material is not stretchy. There is no need to iron anything here, even after hours in the backpack the skirt looks like you have ironed it after ten minutes. Super easy to clean.

How are the pockets?

In short: Genious. Simply so cool finally finding a skirt with pockets that allows you the freedom of carrying everything you need! Who wants to depend on a man with pockets anyway! There are huuuge pockets in both sides – large enough for a credential and to actually put your hands in them:

The right pocket has a smaller zippered inner pocket inside which I use to keep my credit card safe. The zipper opens bottom to top which makes ot less accessible for pickpockets.

How does the skirt work when walking?

This video will probably give you an idea:

How does it feel to walk in a skirt?

I looooove it! It’s feeling of total freedom. Macabi allows air flow so it doesn’t become too hot. On warm summer days I choose the knee lenght version. The long version is wide enough to sit in lotus position when resting, the knee lenght is not.

I especially like the feeling of looking appropriate in Macabi. The lenght is good even when visiting churches or cafés where I don’t like the feeling of flashing my thighs all over the place.

On chilly mornings I enjoy the windbreaking quality of the material. For me the long version works from 0 degrees celsius to 20 degrees celsius. I use Macabi Travel Skirt instead of long pants – it is either or when I pack for the camino. When it is cold I wear my merino wool longjohns underneath.

What does Macabi weigh?

My Macabi in size large – long lenght weighs 319 grams.
My Macabi in size large knee lenght weighs 188 grams.

Which versions are there?

There are three versions available: Macabi Travel Skirt, Macabi Knee Lenght Skirt and Macabi Slim Skirt. I have the two first versions. Macabi Travel Skirt and Macabi Slim Skirt can be made into pants or shorts in a jiffy using the string in the waist:

Macabi Knee Lenght Skirt can be converted into shorts only.

How to find the right size

There is a good size chart on Macabi’s webshop. I am 182 cm tall and fit size Large in the long version.If you place the skirt in your waist the hip pockets on the backpack can make it difficult to get into the skirt pockets. Because of that I choose to place the skirt on my hips and pick my size after the size of my hips, not my waist.

I am short! Can I use this skirt or will I look like a tent?

The knee lenght version is always same lenght. The classic Macabi and the slim version come in three lenghts: Long, regular and short. The long version is long, even for me who is 182 cm tall. You might consider choosing regular or short lenght in stead.

What about windy weather?

I have trekked in Macabi in windy weather up to 10-15 meters per second. In stronger wind than that, I choose long trekking pants. Macabi does get lively under windy conditions, but there is no risk of ending like Marilyn Monroe.

Does Macabi work like pants?

Well….. It is very easy to convert Macabi from skirt to pants. But for trekking I don’t like the pant thing. The string irritates me, and I feel there is to much material around my legs. Honestly I never use the pant function. Besides I think I look stupid in Macabi pants!

Is Macabi like skorts?

Luckily no, I’d say! I hate inner shorts. If you experience gnawing, you can always wear inner shorts underneath.

Which colours are there?

Really many! I have the colours bark, maroon, black, green and antracite (which is actually more deep purple than grey). Some colours tend to fade – follow the washing instructions carefully.

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  1. kaye hatmaker
    kaye hatmaker says:

    I recently purchased a lighter color, and it was completely see through. Not sure if the fabric has changed in the last few years, but this issue makes these colors completely useless for me.

  2. Ann Tove
    Ann Tove says:


    tusen takk for super og nyttig informasjon. Meget kjekt å lese!!
    jeg skal gå Camino de Santiago de Gran Canaria om en måneds tid, og jeg vil svært gjerne kjøpe et Macabi long skirt. Problemet er at jeg ikke kan finne ut hvem som kan sende til Norge 🙁
    Jeg har prøvd https://www.macabiskirt.com/, men de sier at de ikke kan shippe til Norge. Har du noen gode råd?


    ANn Tove


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