On our blog Camino Life you can walk in our footsteps along the Camino de Santiago. We find freedom in our hiking boots and have spent hundreds of kms in them every year, be it during vacations or in our daily lives. Friends and family have asked us to share our best camino tips… So here they come!

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We are Marie and Torben. In our daily life, we are “managers” of a blended family – each bringing three kids into our marriage. They are now between the ages of 16 and 26 – and our first grand child has arrived:-)

Living and travelling in such a large family has taught us a lot about family traditions, ways of travelling and building team spirit. Even in situations when shoes gnaw, the sun bakes and water bottles are empty! Get to know us better here

Dreaming about walking the Camino de Santiago?

Guide for Camino Primitivo

Get inspired by our camino adventures…

Guide for Camino Primitivo


Welcome to our camino blog. We’re two nature lovers and incarnated hikers. We love hiking because it gives us freedom and we do the walk and talk so well along the way.

We’re experts in getting more magical experiences while spending less. We walk the extra mile to avoid meeting a hoard of tourists and we are eager to watch the world unfold.